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How can I learn to think like a visionary?

How can I learn to think like a visionary?

How can I learn to think like a visionary? 

Question: A future leader, I want to inspire change in this world. I imagine that any visionary thinks out-of-the-box, is objective about life, and continually thinks about bettering society. What steps can I take to reach this state?

Answer by Paul Sacco:

You are on the right track. I call this Prophetic Leadership and I am writing a book about this. To be Prophetic you need to want to make a difference and recognize that there must be a better way to fulfill a need. It sounds like the only thing you are missing is a cause and some creative thinking’s skills.

To be prophetic means to see something that others do not yet see, but would value once enlightened. To get there you must be passionate enough about the subject that you are willing to spent a lot of time exploring it and thinking about it….What I call spending time in the wilderness.

And you are right, objectivity is important because you want to understand and challenge your own paradigms so that you can create something new and unique. In your journey, when confronted with a different opinion, try to understand it, even if it upsets you. Also, try to relate seemingly unrelated topics to your cause. Finding analogies can promote creative thinking.

You must learn how put your subconscious mind to work…take your mind off the cause and one day you will have that epiphany or vision you seek. Also, you have to have a clear mind, meaning avoiding alcohol and drugs and getting enough sleep.

To find that cause you must combine your passion and values. By passion, I mean finding what motivates you intrinsically in addition to wanting to make a difference. Keep a diary about what interest you and what captures your imagination….ask yourself what need is being fulfilled and what this says about your values.

Good luck with your journey.